The Association Circuit

Established in 2018 "The Association" was brought together by a group of basketball minds with a purpose and a common vision.

The Association Circuit is designed to give a concrete foundation for years to come for the next generation of evolving basketball players, who want to play competitively with and against teams from all over the country.

The platform is designed for programs who don't have the luxury of playing on a "Shoe Circuit". Creating scholarship opportunities for the youth of your respected programs is priority number one. Networking  with the NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA, and JUCO levels is what we are after for these kids to showcase their talents.

The common theme in our inaugural year: "How long has this circuit been around for? Best Circuit we have ever attended!" 


Year 3 is here and many more to come after. The Association Circuit will continue to strive, be organized, communicate face to face, be coachable, and most importantly work hard to set the bar like many Coaches, Program Directors, and Fans said, "The Association Circuit is ran better than the Adidas Gauntlet."

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